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Technical/Adult Education

Career/Technical Education Statistics
Course-taking patterns, credit transfer, student momentum and attrition, & connections among course and major choices, occupations, & wages.
Perkins Consolidated Annual Report
State data on performance in career and technical education.
Adult Education National Reporting System
Enrollment, performance, & financial data on federally-funded adult education programs run by states.
Program for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies
Workplace & cognitive skills such as literacy, numeracy, & problem solving across countries.
Highschool Longitudinal Study of 2009
Students' trajectories from the beginning of high school into postsecondary education, the workforce, and beyond
NCES Fast Facts
Facts on adult learning and adult skills.
Rehabilitation Services Administration Data
State data on RSA programs, including vocational rehabilitation.
State Education Reforms
States which administer SAT, ACT, and college- and career-readiness assessments.

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Last Modified: 07/19/2017