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Tried and True: September 1997--The information in this publication was current as of September 1997, and has not been updated since. Some services described in the publication may no longer be available.


This collection of 16 tested ideas for improving teaching and learning evolved from the work of the 1995 Proven Laboratory Practices Task Force charged with identifying and collecting the very best and most useful Laboratory work. Each Laboratory applied its own stringent criteria for selection so that quality standards are the watermark of all the proven practices. This assurance means that each proven practice achieves specified results consistent with the educational research, and that each proven practice is validated by documented use and evaluation with one or more client groups. Nearly 150,000 educators and almost 3 million students and other clients have benefited from programs described in this collection.

The Proven Laboratory Practices effort brought together Laboratory colleagues and friends in schools across the country. The Task Force was ably led by Rex Hagans (Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory). Task Force members included Sandra Berger (Mid-Continent Research for Education and Learning); Deborah Childs-Bowen (Southeastern Regional Vision for Education); Stanley Chow (WestEd); Joe D’Amico (North Central Regional Educational Laboratory); Marcella Dianda (Southwest Educational Development Laboratory); Janice Dilliplane-Kruse (Research for Better Schools); John Kofel (Pacific Resources for Education and Learning); Pat Kusimo and Sandra Orletsky (Appalachia Educational Laboratory); and Cheryl Williams (Regional Laboratory for Educational Improvement of the Northeast and Islands).

Since the Task Force work was completed, the U.S. Department of Education has awarded a new set of 5-year contracts to carry out the work of the Regional Educational Laboratories. In this multi-year effort, the Laboratories are concentrating their efforts on supporting broad-based comprehensive educational change. In support of the goal of crafting comprehensive strategies, the Laboratories have continued to expand the depth and scale of the collection of proven practices initially developed during the 1990-1995 contract period.

Carol Chelemer, the OERI Laboratory Program Team Leader, made valuable suggestions about the book and kept our attention on the central issues of evaluation. Margery Martin improved the book enormously with repeated readings and editing that ensured accurate details. Individuals in the Laboratories who worked on the publication include Robert Childers, Pamela Lutz, Sandra Orletsky, Patricia Penn, Beth Sattes, and Sara Stricker at the Appalachia Educational Laboratory; Joy Zimmerman and Nikki Filby at WestEd; Joan Buttram, Bob Marzano, Clare Heidema, Mary Huey, and Diane Paynter at the Mid-Continent Research for Education and Learning; Bob Blum, Kathleen Cotton, Judy Arter, Rick Stiggins, Ruth Culham, Vicky Spandel, Steve Nelson, Bruce Miller, Joyce Ley, Larry McClure, and Andrea Baker at the Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory; Joyce Pollard, Criselda Garza, Preston Kronkosky, Margarita Rivas, and David Wilson at the Southwest Educational Development Laboratory; and Ernestine Riggs at the North Central Regional Educational Laboratory.

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