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Let's Do Homework!

Homework can help students learn and can help parents be involved in their children's education. When parents show an interest in their child's schoolwork, they teach an important lesson--that learning is fun and worth the effort.

Children who do more homework, on average, do better in school. And, as children move up through the grades, homework becomes even more important to school success.

Teachers assign homework for many reasons. It can help children

Homework can also help children learn good habits and attitudes. It can teach children to work by themselves and encourage discipline and responsibility.

Four Things You Can Do To Help Your Child With Homework

  1. Show You Think Education and Homework Are Important. Children are more eager to do homework if they know their parents care that it gets done.

  2. Check on Your Child's Work. How closely you watch over homework will depend on the age of your child, how independent she is, and how well she does in school.

  3. Provide Guidance. The basic rule in helping with homework is, "Don't do the assignment yourself. It's not your homework--it's your child's." Here are some things you can do to give guidance:

  4. Talk With Someone at School If Problems Come Up. If homework problems do arise, everyone needs to work together to resolve them- -the school, teachers, parents, and students.

A Checklist for Helping Your Child With Homework

Make Sure Your Child Has

Questions To Ask Your Child

Other Ways To Help

Resources: This information was taken from Helping Your Child with Homework, one of a number of publications for parents published by the U.S. Department of Education. To find out what's available and how to order, request a freeConsumer Information Catalog from the Consumer Information Catalog Pueblo, Colorado 81009.

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