A r c h i v e d  I n f o r m a t i o n

Including Your Child - April 1997

Chapter 5

It Is Important To Have Dreams for Your Child

Every parent has dreams for his or her child. When you find out that your child has special needs, your child will need extra help and support to make these dreams come true. Remember, your child has many strengths. With your help and support, and the appropriate education, your dreams for your child can come true.

Understanding your child's special needs can help you set goals and guide your dreams. Knowing why some goals may be hard to reach can be helpful to you. Look for different ways to help your child learn and develop. Information about how your child learns can also help family, friends, and teachers care for and teach your child. Helping others get to know your child will make it easier for everyone to work together to build on your child's strengths and meet her or his needs.

Your dreams for your child might change over time. This is natural. You and your child will also change. Try to be flexible. Remember that part of making your dreams come true means you may have to work hard to get the right services to meet your child's special needs.

You know your child best. Set goals your child can reach. When a goal is reached, set a new goal and keep trying! Think about what your child can do and build on each success. Remember, even the smallest achievement is something for which your child and your family can be proud! Work to meet your child's special needs. Think about what would help your child do more. Don't let anything stop you along the way.

You will find that others will support you and share your dreams. You can help make your dreams for your child come true. Don't give up! Remember, your child will also have dreams of his or her own that you can share.


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