A r c h i v e d  I n f o r m a t i o n

Including Your Child - April 1997


We are grateful to all of those inside and outside of the Department of Education who contributed their time, effort, and expertise to help produce this booklet. Development of this publication was encouraged by former Assistant Secretary Sharon P. Robinson. Libby Dogget, Gail Houle, Larry Ringer, and Bobbi Stettner-Eaton from the Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services generously read, commented, and advised on the manuscript as did Rebecca Fitch from the Office of Civil Rights. Special thanks go to Donna Fluke and Ann Benjamin for their contributions. Thanks also go to Diane Magarity for editing the final manuscript.

We wish to thank the many parents, practitioners, and researchers who reviewed draft manuscripts in preparation of this booklet. These include: Lori Baker, Sylvia Borges, Barbara Buswell, Gus Estrella, Mona Friedman, Glenn Gabbard, Kaaren Hayes, Thelma Harmes, Katie Kallian, Diana Len, Diane Lewis, Lorraine Lewis, Jane McCommons, Luzanne Pierce, Harvey Pressmen, Pam Reising, Cheri Takemoto, Gail Vollmer, Pam Winton, and Victoria Youcha. We would also like to thank Hope Jacobs, Juanita Moore, and Tony Nelson for facilitating reviews from parents with limited literacy skills.

Particular acknowledgments go to Naomi Karp and Cynthia Dorfman for their valuable insights, detailed critiques, assistance, and constant support throughout the development of this publication.


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