A r c h i v e d  I n f o r m a t i o n

Helping Your Child Learn History

with activities for children aged 4 through 11

By Elaine Wrisley Reed
Illustrated by Brian A. Griffin U.S. Department of Education
Richard W. Riley

Office of Educational Research and Improvement
Emerson J. Elliot
Acting Assistant Secretary

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July 1993

Elaine Wrisley Reed is executive secretary of the National Council for History Education, and is a contributing author to the book Historical Literacy: The Case For History in American Schools and to the journal Social Studies and the Young Learner. She was the administrative director of the Bradley Commission on History in Schools, a curriculum specialist for the Educational Research Council, and an elementary classroom teacher in Bradford, Pennsylvania. She received her bachelor's degree from Mansfield University, and master's degree from Baldwin-Wallace College.

Brian A. Griffin is a designer for the San Jose Mercury News, San Jose, California. He was formerly the art director of Kids Today, a weekly children's newspaper published by Gannet Coo., inc. He has won awards from the Society of Newspaper Design, PRINT Regional Design Annual, and the Art Director's Club of Metropolitan Washington.

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