A r c h i v e d  I n f o r m a t i o n


This booklet was made possible with help from the following people who provided materials and suggestions: George T. Reed, Rodney Atkinson, Gilbert Sewall, Joseph Ribar, Steven and Amy Jack, Candece Reed, Joseph and Peter Ryan, Nancy Taylor, Joan McKown, Susan Perkins Weston, Carol Shull, Paul Regnier, and Joyce Hunley. Special thanks are given to Judith J. French, a media specialist in Fairfax County Public Schools, for reviewing the bibliography; to the 1990 third- grade class of Capitol Hill Day School whose illustrations of historical houses in Washington, DC appear on page 13; to Leo and Diane Dillon for their advice on how to work with illustrators; and to Gerard Devlin, Nancy Floyd, John Fonte, Paul Gagnon, Wilma Prudhum Greene, Margery Martin, and many others at the U.S. Department of Education.

The Helping Your Child series was initiated by Diane Ravitch when she was Assistant Secretary of OERI, to expand educational opportunities for children. In addition, she provided a historian's thoughtful review of this manuscript.

The following sources were consulted in conceiving the introductory text: Awakening Your Child's Natural Genius by Thomas Armstrong; Building a History Curriculum by the Bradley Commission on History in Schools; History--Social Science Framework for California Public Schools by the California State Department of Education; Framework for the 1994 NAEP U.S. History Assessment by the National Assessment Governing Board; Learning History by A.K. Dickinson et al.; and The Art of Eating. (No. 18), a newsletter by Edward Behr with an article on the history of breadmaking.

The activities are inspired by suggestions from John Ahern; Kid's America by Steve Caney; Great Fast Breads by Carol Cutler; Native American Cookbook by Edna Henry; Claudia J. Hoone; Kathleen Hunter; Peter O'Donnell, Director of Museum Education at Old Sturbridge Village; Janice Ribar; and My Backyard History Book by David Weitzman.

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