A r c h i v e d  I n f o r m a t i o n

Activities for the Growth Season

Seven Stages of Growth

U.S. Department of Education
Office of Educational Research and Improvement

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Week 1

Reading on Your Own

Read a story or play and act it out with a friend.

Write and draw a comic strip--share it with a friend. Check out and read a library book. Start a reading club in your neighborhood. Create a family
reading night.
Week 2

Getting Ready for Algebra

Play store with a friend. Add prices, subtract change, multiply the number of items by price, and divide the earnings with your co-workers

Strengthen your brain's math power. Listen to classical music. By listening to music you set up connections in your brain that support math learning. Ask your friends what their favorite summer activities are--make a graph of the most popular activities. Find patterns in things around you, such as brick or siding on a building, spiderwebs, or quilts. Create your own pattern. Sponsor a "guess that number" contest. For example, "How many noodles are in a bag?" Count them and award a prize.
Week 3

Shaping Up for Safety

Be a safety planner! Look for safety signs and create some of your own Design a self-portrait that shows how you feel. Practice doing something you like. Develop your skill in sports or in the arts, or start a hobby. Have a nutritious day! Put healthful foods into your body. Find an alcohol or cigarette advertisement in a magazine or newspaper. Talk about the message. How would you redesign the ad to show what can happen if you use the product?

Week 4

Teaching to Learn

Play school with friends. Practice listening, waiting your turn, and following instructions

Teach a friend something you are good such as dancing, skating, or riding a bike. Draw a picture of your teacher instructing class. Start a journal and write all your daily activities--watch your progress grow! Write a short story about your favorite teacher.
Week 5

Navigating the Internet

Visit a library with Internet access--learn to use the Internet. Look up facts about your favorite animal.

Visit a school on the Internet. Search for your school's homepage. Send a note to a parent, teacher, or friend over the Internet. Take a trip to Europe, the Caribbean, or the Far East on the Internet. Create a crossword puzzle using your favorite computer terms.
Week 6

Planning for College

Create a list of five jobs that interest you. Choose one, list reasons why it interests you and interview someone in that career.

Visit your local library and check out a video or book about a college that interests you. Talk to a college student about what college is like. Save money for college. Start a piggy bank today. Discuss the differences between universities, community colleges, and technical schools and the degrees offered at each one.
Week 7

Setting High Standards

Create a map of goals for you to achieve at school.

Read a story or article about someone who has achieved a great accomplishment. Be a standards detective! Find out from your school what it takes to get on the honor roll. Make up a board game of facts and "why" questions related to your favorite subject in school. Celebrate going to school! Find out how other cultures celebrate learning.