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Helping Your Child Learn Geography - October 1996

Place: Physical and Human Characteristics

Every place has a personality. And, just like people, places may have a lot in common, but no two are exactly alike.

What makes a place special? What are the physical and human characteristics of your hometown? Is the soil sandy or rocky? Is the temperature warm or is it cold? Did important historical events occur there? Is it near a river or lake? What physical characteristics are most important or unique?

What about the people? How are they affected by the characteristics of place? Their language, style of government, architecture, industries--all define the special character of a place.


There's No Place Like Home

Faraway Places

What's the Climate Like?

Climate very much affects the character of a place. The amount of sun or rain, heat or cold, the direction and strength of the wind, all determine such things as how people dress, how well crops grow, and the extent to which people will want to live in a particular spot. Join your children in observing weather conditions.

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