A r c h i v e d  I n f o r m a t i o n

Helping Your Child Learn Geography - October 1996


The illustrator Barbara McGee is a freelance artist and art teacher from Greenbelt, Maryland. Her daughter Nora Simon contributed the child's treasure map on page 5. Other children's art was done by children of the staff of the Office of Educational Research and Improvement.

The book was designed by Phil Carr of OERI.

Special thanks to Roger Downs, former Geographer in Residence at the National Geographic Society and professor of geography at Pennsylvania State University, and Kay Sandmeier, formerly with the National Geographic Education Program. They provided the impetus for revising the book, as well as guidance on changes in text and graphics. Also, thanks to National Geographic's Roger Hirschland for continued support and guidance and to Jan Morris who prepared the maps contributed by National Geographic.

Annette Kulyk of the U.S. Geological Survey provided invaluable assistance in coordinating development of the 1996 edition.

Marjorie Crammer, Children's Specialist, Prince George's County Memorial Library System, New Carrollton, Maryland Branch, and her staff graciously prepared the updated list of suggested reading. Mabel Smith, Principal, Watkins Mill Elementary School, Gaithersburg, Maryland, gave of her time and expertise to review the original text and graphics and offer guidance on developing the new version.

Others at OERI who made important contributions include Naomi Karp, Director of OERI's National Institute on Early Childhood Development and Education and members of her staff, Paula Shipp and Lynn Kimmerly, as well as Cynthia Hearn Dorfman, Director of OERI's Media and Information Services. And, thanks to Sheldon Fisher of the National Library of Education who helped in the development of suggested electronic resources.

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