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A Reminder...

We all have a stake in rebuilding our schools. And we all have a choice on how to proceed. Children can either get by with an education that places them at a disadvantage with their peers in other countries, or they can be challenged to become lifelong learners prepared to succeed in today's world. Our schools can either continue to produce too many workers whose low skills lower the standard of living for all of us, or we can have schools that prepare workers to compete successfully in an increasingly complex, fast-paced and high-tech international marketplace.

This is an urgent but exciting time to be involved in the business of building the American education system of the 21st Century. It wasn't easy to build a transcontinental railroad, send a man to the moon, or win the Cold War. But we did it. We need the same determination, and sense of unity and purpose, to design a system of teaching and learning that makes us proud.

The National Education Goals and high education standards will help us prepare for crucial improvements in early childhood, schooling, and workplace environments. We now have a vision of an American education system that rivals any other in the world. We simply need to get to work to make it happen.

Someday, as diplomas are awarded to our young people, we will be able to tell them confidently: "You are well on your way because you have graduated from the very best education system there is." Join with leaders and citizens in your community who are working to bring this day closer. Together, we can accomplish the vital mission of educating America.

What Can Parents and Citizens Do To Help Meet the National Education Goals? Table of Contents

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