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The National Education Goals remain at the forefront of the movement to build a nation of learners. In the past year, the Presidency changed hands, as have over half the Governorships in the four years since the Education Summit in Charlottesville, Virginia. These changes serve to underscore the continuity, bipartisanship, and long-term nature of the National Goals process.

Where vision and commitment count the most, however, is at the community and neighborhood levels. Only through an enduring partnership of families, educators, employers, and other dedicated citizens can America's learning enterprise--our local schools--be transformed to help all our children reach their full potential. Only then will we become a nation of lifelong learners. And only then can we be confident of meeting the competition in this global economy, assuring a high quality of life, and preserving our democratic system and ideals.

This Report continues our commitment to let the American people know the results we are getting in education. We strive to present the facts plainly, this year in two volumes: Volume 1 describes our educational standing as a nation, while Volume 2 profiles performance in the individual states. We also offer a vision of how high standards can help mobilize grass-roots partnerships and move the United States toward quality education. And continue to move forward we must--at an accelerated pace--in order to attain the Goals by the year 2000.

Over the past year, the National Education Goals Panel has worked hard to bring the Goals and the vision of high-performance learning for all to this nation's communities. The theme for this third annual Report, "Setting Standards, Becoming the Best," highlights that outreach and partnership effort. Along with state and local goals, vision documents, and progress reports, we hope this Report will become a tool for continuous improvement.


E. Benjamin Nelson, Chair
(August 1992 - August 1993)
National Education Goals Panel, and
Governor of Nebraska

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