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The National Center for Education Statistics produced Youth Indicators, 1993. Within the Center, Thomas Snyder, with the assistance of Carol Sue Fromboluti, oversaw the development and production of the publication, Mary Frase provided technical advice, and Celestine Davis provided statistical assistance.

A number of individuals outside the Center deserve thanks. Robert Craig and Michelle Brown of Pinkerton Computer Consultants, Inc., provided computer support. Louise Woerner, Barbara Robinson, Jeannette Bernardo, Jeff Sisson, Jessica Ciccone, and Gita Mathew of HCR provided research assistance. Jacqueline Zimmerman provided editorial assistance and managed typesetting, and Phil Carr designed the cover. Jerry Fairbanks of the U.S. Government Printing Office managed the typesetting.

This year's edition of the Youth Indicators has received reviews by individuals within and outside the Department of Education. We wish to thank them for their time and expert advice. In the Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI), Mary Frase, Sal Corrallo, and Mike Cohen, and Margaret McNeely reviewed the entire manuscript. Special thanks to Janet Simons of Children's Defense Fund and Howard Silver of the Consortium of Social Science Associations who reviewed the manuscript and provided valuable technical advice.

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