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The Educational System in the United States: Case Study Findings, March 1999


The Case Study Project was directed by Harold Stevenson and co-directed by Shin-Ying Lee of the University of Michigan's Center for Human Growth and Development. From careful conceptual planning to the insightful feedback on multiple drafts of these chapters, their leadership has been inspirational and motivating. The project was administered by Roberta Nerison-Low, whose attention to the day-to-day management of a project unfolding on three continents made the entire endeavor possible.

We would like to thank Lois Peak of the National Center for Education Statistics at the U.S. Department of Education, who coordinated the Case Study Project with the other major studies in this collaborative effort. We would like to thank those at Westat, Inc., especially Trevor Williams and Nancy Caldwell, who provided administrative and organizational support. Our appreciation also goes to the members of the advisory panel who provided useful comments on the chapter drafts, including Robert LeVine and others. We also thank David Uttal and Kathleen Darling for providing us with knowledgeable assistance in the planning stages of the project. In addition, we would like to acknowledge and thank the individuals who researched and wrote the literature review of the topics slated to be investigated in the case studies in Japan, Germany and the United States. The contributing authors include Mark A. Ashwill, David Crystal, William C. Foraker, Chris Frasz, Andrew Fuligni, Barbara K. Hofer, Kazuo Kato, Wolfgang Mack, Carolyn A. McCarty, Mark Milotich, Ute Milotich, Naoko Moriyoshi, Roberta Nerison-Low, Heidi Schweingruber, and Douglas Trelfa.

Our greatest debt of gratitude is owed to all of the teachers, parents, students, and administrators who allowed us into their schools, their homes, and their lives and took the time to talk with us. Without their generous participation this project would have never come to fruition.


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