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Teachers Leading the Way: Voices from the National Teacher Forum - April 1998

Teacher Forum on Leadership

Why is teacher leadership needed? What forms can teacher leadership take? How can Americans support teacher leadership? What steps can teachers take to become effective leaders? One hundred twenty teachers came to Washington, D.C., to address these questions.

The 1996 National Teacher Forum was the fourth time that U.S. Department of Education officials have met with outstanding public and private school teachers to explore ways for the federal government to work with educators to achieve the eight National Education Goals. This forum, like those that came before it, was part of the Department's ongoing effort to listen to teachers.

This booklet is a document for teachers. It reports what forum participants had to say, as well as the thoughts of teachers throughout America who used e-mail and a web site to share their ideas on teacher leadership.

If you are a teacher . . .

We hope you will find in this booklet an idea for stepping forward in your own school or community--an idea that helps you push for a needed change that will improve learning for your students.

If you are an administrator or school board member, or a parent, a business person, or a citizen . . .

We hope you will find in this booklet some things you can do to encourage teachers to take the risks required to become leaders, and to support them when they do.


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