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The Teacher's Guide to the U.S. Department of Education - September 2000

The Partnership for Family Involvement in Education

The Partnership for Family Involvement in Education seeks to promote children's learning through the development of family-school-community partnerships. Under the motto of "Better Education Is Everybody's Business," thousands of family, school, community, employer and religious groups have come together to support student learning to high standards. These partners represent a growing grassroots movement across the country organized into the four areas described below.

Family-School Partners for Learning supports home-school partnerships and pre-service and in-service training to help teachers work effectively with families. Family partners strengthen schools through home activities, including encouraging reading, monitoring homework and making sure their children are prepared for and attend school. Families also support the program through school activities, including attending school conferences and asking for challenging coursework. School partners support families' expectations for their children's education, reach out to parents as partners, offer parents help and are accessible when parents are not available.

Employers for Learning Partners adopts family- and student-friendly business practices, such as providing leave time for staff with children to attend parent conferences and volunteer in school. The partners also provide parent training and child care services.

Community Organizations for Learning supports learning communities by creating activities for before school, after school and throughout the summer. This group's efforts help make streets safe for children and support supervised recreational activities.

Religious Organizations for Learning provides reading partners, mentors and other services from caring adults. These adults support children's learning, provide parent education programs, sponsor cultural programs, make their buildings available for organized activities and support out-of-school learning.

New members join the partnership through a sign-on statement developed by each sector's founding members. The sign-on is included in the back of this book.


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