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The Teacher's Guide to the U.S. Department of Education - September 2000

National Library of Education

The National Library of Education (NLE) is the largest federally funded library in the world devoted solely to education. The collection includes more than 200,000 books and about 750 periodical subscriptions, as well as studies, reports, Education Resources Information Center (ERIC) microfiche, and CD-ROM databases.

The library maintains a number of collections, including a circulating collection of books on education, management, and related social sciences published since 1965. The collection includes a reference collection of current dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, directories, abstracts, indexes and legal and other research sources available in both print and CD-ROM. The library maintains current and historical collections of education-related journals and newsletters and an historical collection of state education journals. The microform collection includes more than 450,000 items, including major newspapers, the Federal Register, the Congressional Record and the complete microfiche collection of the ERIC system that includes thousands of reports on education topics. In addition, the library maintains a number of special collections. These collections include rare books, historical books, textbooks, U.S. Department of Education publications, archival materials and children's books.

The library provides the following services: CD-ROM catalog including author, title and subject access to the library's collections; reference and research assistance including a 800 user service; interlibrary loan; group and individual orientation seminars to the library's services and collections; referrals to appropriate organizations, agencies, libraries, associations and individuals as additional sources of information; self-service photocopier and microform reader printers; and individual study rooms. The library brings together INET (ED/OERI's Internet site and services); the Data Product Sales Program; and the Technology Resources Center. It also works in partnership with the Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC), a program with ready access to education information nationwide.

U.S. Department of Education
National Library of Education
400 Maryland Avenue, SW
Washington, DC 20202
Reference: 202- 205-5019/5015
Circulation, 202- 205-4945
Outside Washington Area: (800) 424-1616
Internet: www.ed.gov/NLE/aboutus.html


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