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The Teacher's Guide to the U.S. Department of Education - September 2000

Federal Resources for Educational Excellence

Hundreds of teaching and learning resources from across the federal government are now available at one of the most popular federal Web sites for education: the Federal Resources for Educational Excellence (FREE).

The Web site explains how partnerships between teachers and federal agencies are developing online learning modules and communities. The "Looking for Partners" page describes learning resources that can be created with a federal agency.

FREE provides easy access to learning resources from more than 35 federal agencies. At the Web site http://www.ed.gov/free/, activities, lessons and resources cover unique and varying topics:

Educators can read about the favorite free resources of teachers, parents and students and then describe their own.

Laura Johnson, an eighth-grade language arts and U.S. history teacher, wrote the following about a Civil War resource:

Vice President Al Gore commented on the program: "FREE provides teachers with quick access to rich educational resources on a wide range of topics. FREE is another example of the federal government's commitment to help teachers and students make the most of technology in their classrooms."

Find out what FREE all about by visiting http://www.ed.gov/free/.


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