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U.S. Department of Education Strategic Plan, 1998-2002 - September 1997

Appendix B: Descriptions of Program Evaluations and Other Studies (continued)

Descriptions of Program Evaluations and Other Studies

Study or Data Collection Who sponsors?
Contractor or
Who collected on? What collected? When collected?
(Years  collected,
Other Surveys and Studies
50. Advanced Placement (AP) Examination Data The College Board High school students taking AP exams in public and private schools Knowledge, skills, and performance of high school students on AP examinations. Annual
51. Key State Education Policies on K-12 Education Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) State education agencies Information on state development of content standards, graduation, teacher licensure, time and attendance. Biennial; next in 1998
52. Magnet Schools of America Annual Directory Magnet Schools of America, Inc. Districts/schools with magnet programs nationally Name of school, school mailing address, school phone number, district location, name of principal, grades served, type of program (whole school or program within a school), and theme type (e.g., math, performing/fine arts, Montessori). Updated continuously
53. Making Standards Matter, 1997 American Federation of Teachers State education agencies Information on state development of academic standards in the core subjects. Report also assesses quality of standards. 1995, 1996, 1997; annual
54. Setting Education Standards High Enough Southern Regional Education Board Secondary analysis of student assessment data, for grades 4 & 8 Comparison of performance on NAEP to performance on state assessments. 1996
55. State Student Assessment Programs Database OERI and Council of Chief State School Officers.
Grantee: North Central Regional Educational Lab (NCREL)
State education agencies Information on state assessment systems. 1996, 1997; annual
56. States' pass rates on rigorous licensing exams PES

Contractor: Westat, Inc.

Teachers taking the National Teacher Exam/Praxis in 50 states Pass rates on the National Teacher Exam/Praxis. 1997-2002, annual
57. Textbook and Instructional Materials Analysis OERI
Independent Expert Panel
Textbooks and instructional materials on the market Percent of textbooks and instructional materials that independent experts consider exemplary and align with high standards. 1998


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