Serving Private School Students With Federal Education Programs

Council for American Private Education

The Council for American Private Education (CAPE) was founded in 1971 to provide a coherent private school voice in the education community. This coalition of 13 national organizations serving private elementary and secondary schools is based in Washington, D.C. Member organizations are nonprofit and subscribe to a policy of nondiscrimination for admission. At present, 30 state affiliates extend the coalition concept throughout the country. CAPE member organizations represent about 75 percent of the total private school enrollment.

The CAPE member organizations are diverse: religious and nonreligious, urban and rural, small and large. The members of CAPE's Board of Directors meet, deliberate, and strive to reach agreement on important public policy issues. They are motivated by the concepts of opportunity, choice, and excellence in education for all of America's children.

According to CAPE: Voice of the Nation's Private Schools:

The significant numbers of student and teachers in private schools, the concept of pluralism, and the diversity of the private school organizations require a strong advocacy and, where possible, a common voice on behalf of all private schools. The purposes of CAPE, then, are to assist and strengthen the efforts of its member organizations and the private schools they represent and to serve effectively the free society from which they drive their independence.

For further information about CAPE, write or telephone:

Joe McTighe, Executive Director
Council for American Private Education
PMB 457
13017 Wisteria Drive
Germantown, MD 20874
fax 301/916-8485


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