Serving Private School Students With Federal Education Programs

Parent Resource Centers Are Open in 28 States

Families in 28 states from Maine to California will have the opportunity to seek support from parent information and resource centers that have opened after receiving grants as part of the Goals 2000: Educate America Act.These parent centersrespond to local conditions with their own priorities and activities, but they share a common objective to help families get involved in their children's learning.

Each center serves the entire state in which it is located or a region of that state, and includes both urban and rural areas. While information and assistance may be provided to any parent, the centers are required to target areas with high concentrations of low-income, minority, and limited-English- proficient parents.

A list of the centers is provided below with a contact name to find out the specific services offered, including parent-to- parent training activities, hotlines, mobile training teams, resource and lending libraries, support groups, and referral networks:

Ernie Salgado                           Donna Garnett   Native American Parental                Colorado Parent Information     Asistance Program                       and Resource Center   P.O. Box 366                            1445 Market Street, Suite 220   San Jacinto, Calif.  92383              Denver, Colo.  80202   Phone: 909-654-2781                     Phone: 303-820-5631     Audrey Epperson                         Mary Lindsey   Greater Washington Urban League         Florida Center for Parental   3501 14th Street, NW                      Involvement   Washington, D.C.  20010                 7406 Dixon Avenue   Phone: 202-265-8200                     Tampa, Fla.  33604                                           Phone: 813-229-3179     Jo Granberry                            Helenann Lauber   Parental Training Resource              Parents and Children Together     Assistance Center                     1475 Linapuni Street, Room 117-A   P.O. Box 1726                           Honolulu, Hawaii  96819   Albany, Ga.  31702- 1726                Phone: 808-841-6177   Phone: 912-888-0999     Ronn Mirr                               Judy L. Planck   Iowa Parent Resource Center             Parental Assistance Program   1025 Penkridge Drive                    Parental Assistance Program   Iowa City, Iowa  52246                  Flemingsburg, Ky.  41041   Phone: 319-354-5606                     Phone: 606-845-0081     Christine Snook                         Deanna DePree   Family Resource Project                 Families United for Success   P.O. Box 2067                           272 East 8th Street, Suite B   Augusta, Maine  04338-2067              Holland, Mich.  49423   Phone: 207-582-2504                     Phone: 616-396-7566     Carol Walsh                             Palmer Swanson   Parenting Resource and                  Massachusetts Parent Training and      Support Partnership                     Empowerment Project   332 W. Edmonston Drive                  MIT Building 20, Room 129   Rockville, Md.  20852                   Cambridge, Mass.  02139   Phone: 301-294-4959                     Phone: 617-253-7093     Sharmin Davis Jamison                   Diana S. Schmidt   Families and Schools Together           Missouri Partnership for      (FAST) Forward                          Parenting Assistance   4826 Chicago Avenue, South              300 South Broadway   Minneapolis, Minn.  55417-1098          St. Louis, Mo.  63102   Phone: 612-827-2966                     Phone: 314-421-1970     Leisa Whittum                           Deborah Bennis   Center for Healthy Families             Building Family Strengths   3196 S. Maryland Parkway #307           P.O. Box 1422   Las Vegas, Nev.  89109                  Concord, N.H.  03302-1422   Phone: 702-731-8373                     Phone: 603-224-7005     Joanne Oppelt                           Patricia Edwards   Prevent Child Abuse - New Jersey        CONNECTIONS   35 Halsey Street, Suite 300             P.O. Box 545   Newark, N.J.  07102-3031                Geneseo, N.Y.  14454   Phone: 201-643-3710                     Phone: 716-245-5681     Claudia Ollivierre                      Elizabeth Yaryan   Parents in Partnership Project          Ohio Parent Information Center   P.O. Box 16                             4837 Ward Street   Davidson, N.C.  28036                   Cincinnati, Ohio  45227   Phone: 704-892-1321                     Phone: 513-272-0273     Pat Lowther                             Mary Baumeister   Parents As Partners in Education        Black Hills Parent Resource Network   4801 N. Classen, Suite 200              P.O. Box 218   Oklahoma City, Okla.  73118             Sturgis, S.D.  57785   Phone: 405-840-1359                     Phone: 605-347-4467     Barbara Mooney                          Marilyn Tucker   Southwestern Pennsylvania Parental      Parents First     Assistance Center Project             421 Great Circle Road, Suite 104   22 West High Street                     Nashville, Tenn.  37228   Waynesburg, Pa.  15370                  Phone: 615-255-4982   Phone: 412-852-2893     Mary Ellen Nudd                         Sue Harding   Family Focus Project                    Vermont Family Resource Project   8401 Shoal Creek Boulevard              P.O. Box 646   Austin, Texas  78757                    Middlebury, Vt.  05753   Phone: 512-454-3706                     Phone: 802-388-3171     Marilyn Littlejohn                      Susan R. Werley   Children's Home Society of              Parents Plus             Washington                            P.O. Box 452   201 South 34th Street                   Menasha, Wis.  54952-0452   Seattle, Wash.  98408                   Phone: 414-729-1787   Phone: 206-472-3355


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