A r c h i v e d  I n f o r m a t i o n

Study of School-To-Work Initiatives October 1996

Table A


Mt. Edgecumbe H.S.
(Sitka, Alaska)
  • Emphasis In Curriculum On Entrepreneurship, Critical Thinking,
    Technology, And Pacific Rim Studies
  • Engagement Of Students And Staff In School Restructuring
  • Postsecondary Articulation
Metro Tech Vocational Technical School
(Phoenix Arizona)
  • Long-Standing Business Partnerships
  • Academic/Vocational Integration of Curriculum
  • Hard-to-serve Student Population
East San Gabriel Regional Occupational Program
(East San Gabriel, California)
  • More Than 300 Collaboratives
  • Partnership With Business
  • Articulation With Several Postsecondary Institutions
  • Reliance On Research And Program Assessment
Pasadena Graphic Arts
(Pasadena, California)
  • Academy Model
  • Academic And Vocational Integration
  • Active Partnership With Industry Association
Performance-Based Diploma Program
(Ft. Pierce, Florida)
  • Computer Assisted Instruction
  • Dual Enrollment With Community Colleges
  • Drop Out Prevention/Reclamation
Aviation Magnet
(Louisville, Kentucky)
  • Strong School-Business Linkages
  • FAA Approved Curriculum
  • Career Academy
Baltimore Commonwealth
(Baltimore, Maryland)
  • City Office Of Employment Development Role
  • Career Clubs For Seniors
  • Emphasis On Marketing To Business Partners
Education for Employment
(Kalamazoo County, Michigan)
  • County Wide System Based Upon Decade Of Collaboration
  • Network of Administators For Workforce Entry Coordinators
  • Worksite-Based Occupational Programs
Rothsay H.S.
(Rothsay, Minnesota)
  • Student-Based Enterprise
  • Emphasis On Entrepreneurial Skills
  • Academic And Vocational Integration
Patterson Career Center
(Dayton, Ohio)
  • Oldest Cooperative Education Program In U.S.
  • Long-Standing Ties With Employers
  • System Undergoing Educational Reform Effort
Transition Youth Program
(State of Oregon)
  • Statewide Program Building On Extensive Interagency Collaboration
  • Focus On Students With Disabilities
  • Job-Related Instruction In Academic, Vocational, Social Skills
Roy H.S.
(Roy, Utah)
  • School Wide Reform
  • Strong Linkages With Postsecondary And Business
  • Comprehensive Individual Counseling
Comprehensive Employment Work & Transition
(Charlottesville, Virginia)
  • School Partnership With Private Nonprofit Employemnt And Training
  • Support System Of Job Coaches And School Coordinators
  • IEP's That Incorporate Transition Planning
Student Career Opportunity Paths in
Education (SCOPE)
(Veradale, Washington)
  • Career Information, Assessment, Guidance System
  • Career-Related Activities Infused Across The Curriculum
  • Community Resources Coordinator


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