A r c h i v e d  I n f o r m a t i o n

Study of School-To-Work Initiatives
Cross-Site Analysis June 1995



Learning from the experiences across the fourteen communities led us to identify twelve elements or building blocks critical to the effectiveness of school-to-work transition systems:

Element One: Leadership from executives of educational systems
Element Two: Leadership from program deliverers (instructors, counselors, etc.)
Element Three: Professional development for teachers and other staff
Element Four: Cross-sector collaboration
Element Five: Student self-determination
Element Six: School-based curriculum and instruction
Element Seven: Work-based learning strategies
Element Eight: Integrated career information and guidance system
Element Nine: Progressive system that starts before grade eleven
Element Ten: Articulation with postsecondary institutions
Element Eleven: Creative financing
Element Twelve: Application of research
Although we did not discover all twelve elements in all the communities, as a group their experience in designing and implementing school-to-work initiatives illustrates the range of elements and variety of strategies. Table B indicates those sites where each element was identified as a major program focus.

This section of the report profiles each element by first describing the element, then providing examples of the element drawn from different communities. The examples are selectiverather than exhaustive, intended to illustrate the comprehensiveness and variety of the approaches to each element our research discovered, rather than to catalog every instance of an element. The examples for some elements are described at greater length than for others because it is more difficult to capture the dynamics, for example, of integrated career guidance systems than of creative financing.


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