A r c h i v e d  I n f o r m a t i o n

Study of School-To-Work Initiatives

Studies of Education Refrom

October 1996

Table of Contents

Title Page

Executive Summary
Summary Review of Literature Part 1 of 2
Summary Review of Literature Part 2 of 2
Study Aims and Study Questions
Case Study Summaries
Cross Stite Analysis

Outcomes of School-to-Work Reform
Critical Elements of School-to-Work Reform
Element One: Leadership from executives of educational systems
Element Two: Leadership from program deliverers (instructors, counselors, etc.)
Element Three: Professional development for teachers and other staff
Element Four: Cross-sector collaboration
Element Five: Student self-determination
Element Six: School-based curriculum and instruction
Element Seven: Work-based learning strategies
Element Eight: Integrated career information and guidance system
Element Nine: Progressive system that starts before grade eleven
Element Ten: Articulation with postsecondary institutions
Element Eleven: Creative financing
Element Twelve: Application of research
Conclusion: Future Practice and Research
Appendix A

Assessment of the Outcomes of the Reforms
Assessment of the Resources Required to Implement the Reforms
Implications for Policy and Practice
Implications for Future Research


Table A: Site Selection Criteria
Table B: Cross-Cutting Elements


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