A r c h i v e d  I n f o r m a t i o n

Fitting the Pieces - October 1996


This report was of unusual scope, encompassing work across 12 research projects sponsored by the Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI).

The authors wish to thank Carol Chelemer, whose careful eye, thoughtful comments and personal commitment helped us immeasurably.

Special thanks to the directors of the Studies of Education Reform (SERP)- Nancy Adelman (Uses of Time); Ron Anderson (Curriculum); Ivan Charner (School-to-Work); Peg Goerez (Systemic Reform); Michael Kane (Assessment); Barry McLaughlin (Student Diversity): Barbara Means (Technology); Bob Rossi (At Risk); Barry Rutherford (Community Involvement); Tom Schultz (Early Childhood Education); Judy Swanson (Teacher Professionalism); and Penny Wohlstetter (School-Based Management).

We also appreciate the support and assistance of the SERP project monitors at OERI - Ron Anson (Uses of Time); Jim Fox (Systemic Reform); Harold Himmelfarb (At Risk); Susan Klein (School-Based Management); Oliver Moles (Community Involvement); Joyce Murphy (Teacher Professionalism); Judith Segal (Curriculum); Ram Singh (Technology); Nevzer Stacy (School-to-Work); and David Sweet (Assessment).

These individuals worked with us to achieve consensus on the framework for this synthesis. At MPR Associates, Barbara Kridl, Leslie Retallick, Andrea Livingston, Karyn Madden, Don Eike, and Mary Sukkestad assisted with the design, production and editing of the text.

The research was supported by OERI, under the Department of Education Contract Number RR9100001.


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