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Reaching All Families: Creating Family-Friendly Schools - August 1996


This booklet represents the work of many people. It includes the educators, parents and community representatives who shared information on promising approaches and programs while helping the Massachusetts Department of Education create the original strategy fact sheets. Various units within the Department also shared information, and several nearby schools provided suggestions. Finally, teams of principals, teachers, and parents from twenty-one communities offered strategies and program ideas on communication and outreach to "hard to reach" families.

Special thanks go to Barbara Aschheim of the Massachusetts Department of Education for information on the fact sheets and encouragement to use them, to Diane D'Angelo for providing a computer copy of the sheets, and to Judith Anderson, Adriana de Kanter, and Terry Peterson who offered many good suggestions for this adaptation. Bob LeGrand carefully edited the final version and Phil Carr set the type. Finally, this booklet is dedicated to the memory of Ross Zerchykov, a longtime advocate for citizen participation in education who was a developer of the original fact sheets.


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