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Prisoners of Time - Schools and Programs Making Time Work - September 1994

Commission Membership

JOHN HODGE JONES, Murfreesboro, Tennessee --
Jones is Commission Chairman and School Superintendent in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Under his leadership, the school system has implemented a nationally recognized extended day/year program.

CAROL SCHWARTZ, Washington, District of Columbia --
Schwartz is Commission Vice Chairman and has served on the District of Columbia Board of Education and City Council. She has been a special education teacher and a consultant to the U.S. Department of Education.

MICHAEL J. BARRETT, Cambridge, Massachusetts --
Barrett represents four communities in the Massachusetts State Senate. His 1990 cover story in The Atlantic helped spark a national debate about extending the school year.

B. MARIE BYERS, Hagerstown, Maryland --
A former teacher, Byers is serving her 24th year on the Washington County Board of Education and is chair of the National School Board Association's Large District Forum. In 1990-91 she was president of the Maryland Association of Boards of Education.

CHRISTOPHER T. CROSS, Chevy Chase, Maryland --
Cross is president of the Council for Basic Education and also serves as President of the Maryland State Board of Education. He is a former assistant secretary for educational research and improvement in the U.S. Department of Education.

DENIS P. DOYLE, Chevy Chase, Maryland --
Doyle is a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute and was formerly with the American Enterprise Institute. A political scientist, he writes extensively about education policy and school reform.

NORMAN E. HIGGINS, Guilford, Maine --
A former teacher, Higgins is principal of Piscataquis Community High School. He has served on Maine's Common Core of Learning Commission and, in 1988, earned a National Alliance of the Arts Leadership Award.

WILLIAM E. SHELTON, Ypsilanti, Michigan --
A former teacher and principal, Shelton is president of Eastern Michigan University. He is active in local and national organizations and has written on higher education issues.

GLENN R. WALKER, Hiawatha, Kansas -
Walker is a former teacher and Fulbright fellow. He is the newly appointed principal of Hiawatha High School. From 1987-1991 Walker was state chairman of the "Initiative for Understanding: U.S.-USSR Youth Exchange."

Milton Goldberg is Executive Director of the Commission. He was executive director of the National Commission on Excellence in Education, which produced the landmark report, A Nation At Risk. He has held a variety of teaching and administrative positions.


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