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Prisoners Of Time - April 1994 APPENDIX B


The Commission wants to express its gratitude for the contributions of many individuals and organizations whose assistance made this report possible.

Our first acknowledgment goes to the elected officials who conceived of the need for this investigation, particularly the major legislative sponsor Senator Jeff Bingaman (New Mexico), and co-sponsors Senators Edward M. Kennedy (Massachusetts), Claiborne Pell (Rhode Island), Paul Simon (Illinois) and Mark O. Hatfield (Oregon), and Representatives William D. Ford and Dale E. Kildee of Michigan. They were ahead of their time in understanding that time is the missing piece in the education reform puzzle.

We also want to thank Secretary of Education Richard W. Riley for his interest in our work and his continuing support in the form of funding, and providing critical staff assistance from the Department of Education. In addition, we note the unflagging backing of the Commission's work by former Secretary of Education Lamar Alexander, Senators Robert Dole (Kansas), John Glenn (Ohio), George J. Mitchell (Maine), Paul S. Sarbanes (Maryland), and Representatives Barney Frank (Massachusetts), William F. Goodling (Pennsylvania) James M. Jeffords (Vermont), Joseph P. Kennedy II (Massachusetts), and the late William H. Natcher (Kentucky).

The vision of these public officials inspired us throughout our work.

We cannot adequately acknowledge the contributions of the 150 people who took the time to testify at the Commission's various meetings in the United States or to meet with us in Germany and Japan. They came from all walks of life-students, parents, teachers, administrators, researchers, analysts, and government officials. Their appeals were powerful and their insights compelling. If we have not done justice to their convictions, the faults is ours, because all expressed their views forcefully and well.

Many other people responded to our surveys and volunteered information about our charge. We are in their debt. Debra Hollinger served as our Designated Federal Official. Dena Stoner of the Council for Educational Development and Research provided continuing support.

We particularly appreciate the contributions of the capable and hard- working staff that helped guide our work. Commission Director Milton Goldberg's experience as former executive director of the National Commission on Excellence in Education and director of the National Institute of Education continually shaped our thinking. We could not have functioned without Deputy Executive Director Julia Anna Anderson. She kept us focused on our objectives and her understanding of the mysteries of the U.S. Department of Education was critical to the Commission's work.

Cheryl Kane, who directed our research effort, performed a prodigious feat in synthesizing knowledge about the complex topic of time and learning. With the help of other Commission staff, Dr. Kane was tireless in preparing materials, responding to our many demands, and checking our interpretations. Nelson Ashline provided valuable insights on the state role in education. Paul Gagnon made major contributions to our understanding of the standards movement and American curriculum compared to curriculum overseas. Joseph Teresa analyzed hearing testimony and prepared syntheses of the hearings. Anita Madan Renton compiled materials on international comparisons and innovative school programs. Frederick Edelstein provided early assistance with external relations.

Our support staff never failed us. Emma Madison Jordan (administrative officer), Patricia Roberson (receptionist and secretary) and Rachel Rosner (student intern) tirelessly made sure we got from place to place, on time and with the right agenda. Carol Copple, Douglas Levin, and David Nohara of Pelavin Associates, Washington, D.C., provided valuable research and analysis throughout the Commission's life.

Finally, we want to acknowledge the help of James Harvey who worked with Commission members Denis Doyle and Norman Higgins as principal draftsman of this report. Bruce Boston and Peter Slavin of James Harvey & Associates, Washington, D.C., helped with the report's development-Mr. Boston with drafting and Mr. Slavin with editing. The report was designed by Ellen F. Burns and Ken Cosgrove of Carter/Cosgrove, Alexandria, Virginia.

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