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Preparing Your Child For College: 2000 Edition

How can my child go about choosing a college?

Colleges are located in big cities, suburbs, and small towns throughout the country. Some enroll tens of thousands of students; others enroll only a few hundred. Some are public; others are private. Some private institutions are affiliated with religious institutions; others are not. Some schools enroll only women, others only men.

The type of institution best suited to your child depends on his or her individual needs and talents. Your child can begin focusing on the choice of a college by considering the following questions:

In order to choose a college, you and your child should ask the following questions about the nature and quality of the schools in which your child has an interest. You may also find answers to these questions in the colleges' catalogs or in reference books on colleges. Ask these questions when you meet staff in the admissions office of the colleges.

The Nature of the Education Offered

The Quality of the College

Admissions Requirements and Financial Aid


College Inquiries

Using the form below, help your child list the colleges he or she knows about and might be interested in attending. Write down whether they are two-year or four-year colleges or universities. Ask your child why these schools are appealing to him or her. You and your child may want to contact the colleges to get more information.


College Inquiries
College Address,
Why Appealing? Date,
and Phone


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