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To Assure the Free Appropriate Public Education of All Children with Disabilities - 1996

Appendix F

Activities and Results of the State Transition Grants

A 5-year cooperative agreement was awarded to the National Transition Network to evaluate and document the approaches and outcomes of the State educational agency/vocational rehabilitation grants. The purpose of the cooperative agreement is to develop, implement, and improve systems that provide transitions services for youth with disabilities. This Appendix contains information about the activities developed in selected States to improve transition services.

Overview of the National Transition Network (NTN)

Historical Background

In 1983, the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services (OSERS) identified the transition from school to work as one of the major Federal priorities of special education programs across the nation. The decision to develop this Federal school-to-work transition initiative was prompted by numerous studies and reports conducted during the early 1980s, which unilaterally found high levels of unemployment, economic instability and dependence, and social isolation among young adults with disabilities. Since 1983, significant research and demonstration activities have ensued for the explicit purpose of improving the transition of youth with disabilities from school to work, postsecondary education, and community living. Throughout the 1980s, school-to-work transition services for youth with disabilities expanded, principally emphasizing: (1) State and local efforts to improve the high school curriculum to address students' development of functional skills for work and community living; (2) opportunities for students to learn in "real-world" contexts, i.e., work sites and other community-based settings; (3) increased student and family participation in the development of transition plans focused on a range of postschool outcomes in the areas of employment, postsecondary education, and community living; and (4) concerted efforts to increase the level and intensity of interagency cooperation among educators, employers, and community-service agencies in addressing the transition needs of secondary students with disabilities.

In 1991 OSERS, as authorized under Section 626(e) of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 1990, initiated a special grants program making available Federal funds to support a series of 5-year State systems change projects on transition. By the fall of 1993, a total of 30 States (12 States in 1991, 12 in 1992, and 6 States in 1993) entered into cooperative agreements with OSERS to undertake systems change projects. In 1994 no new States were funded. However, in 1995 an additional four States were funded. Specific goals of these systems change grants are described below.

In 1992, OSERS finalized a cooperative agreement with the University of Minnesota to establish the National Transition Network. The Network was established for the purpose of providing technical assistance and evaluation services to States implementing these statewide systems change projects on transition. More specifically, the role of the National Transition Network is to strengthen the capacity of individual States to effectively improve school-to-work transition policies, programs, and practices by providing technical assistance and consultation in essential areas of State project implementation. Further, the Network operates to generate and disseminate policy-relevant information for the purpose of improving State and local policy and program structures and achieve higher levels of intergovernmental cooperation to benefit individuals with disabilities and their families as they make the transition from school to work and community living.

Description of the NTN and its Tasks

The Institute on Community Integration at the University of Minnesota serves as the headquarters of the National Transition Network. Drs. David R. Johnson and Robert H. Bruininks are Co-Principal Investigators, with Dr. Johnson serving as the Project Director. Drs. Johnson, Barbara Guy (Associate Project Director), and Teri Wallace are primary liaisons between six Network collaborators, individual State project directors, and OSERS. The six Network collaborators are universities and nationally-based parent and consumer organizations that assist in the Network's technical assistance and evaluation activities. They include:

State-Level Technical Assistance

The National Transition Network establishes with each State grantee an annual technical assistance plan detailing strategies and activities to improve the availability, access, and quality of State-level transition policies, programs, and practices for youth with disabilities. Technical assistance plans are based on each State's assessment of current transition-related policies, administrative practices, interagency approaches, and service delivery strategies. Each State's technical assistance plan identifies relevant audiences to receive technical assistance, their specific needs, conditions for providing the technical assistance, and the resources required.

The network uses a variety of technical assistance strategies, including an annual on-site visit by network staff, teleconferencing, and information dissemination via written correspondence, telephone, and electronic mail. In addition, the network promotes the sharing of information and ideas between States through regional meetings, an annual project directors meeting, and exchange of information. Another important aspect of the network's technical assistance activities is the establishment of collaborative working relationships with OSEP's Regional Resource Centers and other organizations (i.e., RTCs, UAPs, Transition Institute of Illinois, and State and national parent and consumer organizations). Through these collaborative relationships, the Network helps to maximize opportunities for individual States to have ready access to, and use of, the best possible resources and information on transition.

Responsibilities for establishing technical assistance plans with individual State projects is shared among primary collaborators. Listed below are the member universities and key contact persons of the National Transition Network that assume direct responsibility for initiating and planning technical assistance with individual States. The list identifies the States to be served by each university collaborator.

Evaluation Services

The National Transition Network works cooperatively with each State to evaluate the outcomes and impact of efforts to improve transition policies and programs resulting from the activities of State systems projects. This includes providing assistance to States in the design of meaningful project evaluation methods and procedures, reviewing current procedures for determining State-level transition needs and activities, assisting States in evaluating and documenting the extent to which Federal and State laws create disincentives to cooperation and coordination, and helping States evaluate the impact of the requirement to include a statement of needed transition services in students' Individualized Educational Programs (IEPs). The Network will, based on the nature and comprehensiveness of individual State evaluation activities, compile reports and make recommendations on the manner in which the program under Section 626(e) of the IDEA can be improved.

Related Support Activities

In addition to these technical assistance and evaluation activities, the National Transition Network engages in several related support functions intended to assist States in the successful implementation of their cooperative projects. Related support activities are described below.

State Systems Change Projects on Transition Summary of Project Activities

Improve Knowledge and Skills

Thirty-four States have received funding to develop, implement, and improve systems to provide transition services for youth with disabilities from age 14 through the age they exit school. Funding for the first 12 States began October 1, 1991 (Arkansas, California, Colorado, Iowa, Maine, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New York, Texas, Utah, and Vermont). Connecticut, Hawaii, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oregon, Virginia, Washington, and West Virginia were funded in 1992. Six States (Florida, Indiana, Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio, and Wisconsin) were funded in 1993, no States were funded in 1994, and an additional four were funded in 1995 (Maryland, Montana, South Dakota, and Tennessee). The results of a content analysis of activities across all 34 currently funded projects is listed below. Further evaluation data will be available at the completion of the projects. A complete listing of States and their key contacts follows the list of activities.

Improve Knowledge and Skills

Improve Working Relationships

Promote Systems Change


State Systems Change Projects on Transition

State Primary Contact Listing

      Last Name       First Name     Address/Telephone/FAX     =========       ==========     ===================== Clements        Virginia       Division of Special Education                                 #4 State Capitol Mall, Room 105C                                Little Rock, AR  72203                                (501) 682-4297                                (501) 682-4313, FAX    Dougan          Patricia       CA Department of Education/Special                                 Education Division                                    Transition Services and Work Ability                                515 L Street, Room 270/Downtown Plaza                                Sacramento, CA  95814                                (916) 327-4214                                (916) 445-4643                                (916) 327-3516, FAX    Reichle         Judy           California School to Work                                     Interagency Transition Partnership                                717 K Street, Suite 400                                Sacramento, CA  95814                                (916) 443-8693                                (916) 443-3289, FAX    McAlonan        Susan          Colorado Department of Education                                   Colorado Systems Change                                    Transition Project                                201 East Colfax Avenue                                Denver, CO  80203                                (303) 866-6715                                (303) 830-0793, FAX    Thomson         Sandy          Rocky Mountain RTI                                  1391 N Speer Boulevard                                Suite 350                                Denver, CO  80204                                (303) 534-1027                                (303) 534-1075, FAX     Palma-Halliday  Karen          Connecticut State Department of Education                                Division of Educational Support Services                                25 Industrial Park Road                                Middletown, CT 06457                                (203) 638-4242                                (203) 638-4231, FAX    Chandler        Shirley        Florida Blueprint for School to Community                                  Transition                                114J Stone Building                                FSU - Center for Policy Studies in                                    Education                                Tallahassee, FL  32306                                (904) 644-1307                                (904) 644-5122, FAX    Van Geldern     Lu             Hawaii Department of Education                                     Special Education Section                                3430 Leahi Avenue                                Honolulu, HI  96815                                (808) 733-4839                                (808) 733-4841, FAX    Ginavan         Roberta        Iowa Department of Education                                  Division of Vocational Rehabilitation                                    Services                                510 East 12th Street                                Des Moines, IA  50319-0146                                (515) 281-4144                                (515) 281-4150, FAX    Ames            Terry          Indiana Transition Initiative                                 902 W. New York Street                                Indianapolis, IN  46202-5155                                (317) 274-6701                                (317) 274-6864, FAX    Sweeney         Pat            Kansas Transition Systems Change Project                                120 SE 10th Avenue                                Topeka, KS  66612-1185                                (913) 296-6054                                (913) 296-7933, FAX      Fleming         Barney         Kentucky Systems Transition Project                                IHDI-University of Kentucky                                102 Mineral Industries Building                                Lexington, KY  40506-0051                                (606) 257-4408                                (606) 323-1901, FAX    Harrison        Ron            Human Development Institute                                   110 Mineral Industries Building                                University of Kentucky                                Lexington, KY  40506-0051                                (800) 288-0961                                (606) 333-1901, FAX    Mullins         Jeanna         Human Development Institute                                   110 Mineral Industries Building                                University of Kentucky - IHDI                                Lexington, KY  40506-0051                                (800) 288-0961                                (606) 333-1901, FAX    Lindahl         Marie          Massachusetts Department of Education                                350 Main Street                                Malden, MA  02148-5023                                (617) 388-3300                                (617) 388-3394, FAX    Glantz          Larry          Univ. of South Maine Transition Project                                Muskie Institute                                145 Newbury Street                                Portland, ME  04101                                (207) 874-6538                                (207) 874-6529    Winans          Amy            MI School to Work/Transition Initiative                                Victor Center, 1st Floor                                201 N. Washington Square                                Lansing, MI  48913                                (517) 373-9388                                (517) 373-8179, FAX      Thompson        Sandy          Minnesota Department of Education                                  828 Capitol Square Building                                550 Cedar Street                                St. Paul, MN  55101                                (612) 296-2965                                (612) 297-7368, FAX    Lee             Freda          North Carolina Department of Public                                   Instruction                                Division of Exceptional Children's                                    Services                                301 North Wilmington, Education Building                                Raleigh, NC  27601-2825                                (919) 715-2003                                (919) 715-1569, FAX    Fischer         Valerie        ND Transition Project                                    Minot State University                                500 University Avenue West                                Mino, ND  58707-0208                                (701) 857-3167                                (701) 839-6933, FAX    Schliesser      Barbara        Nebraska Department of Education                                   PO Box 94987                                Lincoln, NE  68509                                (402) 471-4324                                (402) 471-2701, FAX    Shepard         Jack           Vocational Rehabilitation Services                                 Suite 470, Landmark Center                                2727 West Second                                Hastings, NE  68901                                (402) 462-4478                                (402) 462-5889, FAX    Nisbet          Jan            University of New Hampshire                                   Institute of Disabilities                                312 Morrill Hall                                Durham, NH  03821                                (603) 862-4320                                (603) 862-1034, FAX      Haugh           Bob            NJ Department of Education                                    Office of Special Education Programs                                CN - 500                                Trenton, NJ  08625-0500                                (609) 292-4462                                (609) 292-5558, FAX    Winnegar        Andy           New Mexico State Department of Education                                Division of Vocational Rehabilitation                                435 St. Michaels Drive, Building D                                Santa Fe, NM  87505                                (800) 866-2253                                (505) 827-3746, FAX    Davis           Kelly          Division of Vocational Rehabilitation                                435 St. Michael's Drive, Building D                                Santa Fe, NM  87505                                (800) 866-2253                                (505) 827-3523                                (505) 827-3746, FAX    Colley          Debra          New York State Education Department                                Technical Assistance and Support Services                                One Commerce Plaza, Room 1613                                Albany, NY  12234                                (518) 473-4381                                (518) 473-6073, FAX    Gloeckler       Lawrence       New York STSYD Program                                   c/o NYS VESID                                One Commerce Plaza - Room 1613                                Albany, NY  12234                                (518) 474-3060                                (518) 473-6073, FAX    Dennis          Lawrence       Department of Special Education                                    933 High Street                                Worthington, OH  43085                                (614) 466-2650                                (614) 752-1622, FAX      Flannery        Brigid         Oregon Department of Education                                     Public Service Building                                255 Capitol Street, N.E.                                Salem, OR  97310-0203                                (503) 378-3598                                (503) 346-5818, FAX    Walls           Linda          Texas Collaborative Transition Project                                Texas Education Agency                                1701 N. Congress Avenue                                Austin, TX 78701                                (512) 463-9414                                (512) 475-3575, FAX    Suter           Donna          STUDY Project                                  350 East 500 South, Suite 202                                Salt Lake City, UT  84111                                (801) 533-6264                                (801) 533-6279, FAX    de Fur          Sharon         Virginia Department of Education                                   Office of Special Education Services                                PO Box 2120                                Richmond, VA  23216                                (804) 225-2702                                (804) 371-8796, FAX    Sugarman        William        University of Vermont                                    Center for Transition & Employment                                499B Waterman Building                                Burlington, VT  05401                                (802) 656-2936                                (802) 656-1357, FAX    Edgar           Eugene         Center for Change in Transition Services                                Experimental Education Unit WJ-10                                University of Washington                                Seattle, WA  98195                                (206) 543-4011                                (206) 543-8480, FAX     Elliot          Sue            ARC of Washington                                1703 State Avenue, NE                                Olympia, WA  98505                                (206) 685-9665                                (206) 543-8480, FAX    Rich            Jim            State of Washington                                 Superintendent of Public Instruction                                Old Capitol Building, FG-11                                PO Box 4720                                Olympia, WA  98504-7200                                (206) 753-6733                                (206) 586-0247, FAX    Kellogg         Ann            DPI/BEC 4th Floor                                   125 South Webster Street                                PO Box 7841                                Madison, WI  53707-7841                                (608) 267-3748                                (608) 267-1052, FAX    Lee             Ghaski         West Virginia Department of Education                                Special Education and Program Assurances                                1900 E Kanawha Boulevard, Room B304                                Charleston, WV  25311                                (304) 558-2696                                (304) 558-0048, FAX     

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