A r c h i v e d  I n f o r m a t i o n

To Assure the Free Appropriate Public Education of All Children with Disabilities - 1996

Technology, Educational Media, and Materials Program

Division of Innovation and Development
Office of Special Education Programs

I. Context for the Agenda Process

To set forth an agenda for the Technology, Educational Media, and Materials Program, community members were asked to identify the advances needed for improving the quality, use, and access of technology, educational media, and materials to achieve better results for children and youth with disabilities.

II.Components of the Agenda

Program Mission

To improve results for individuals with disabilities by advancing the creation, evaluation, and use of tools that enable students with disabilities for life-long learning, inclusion, and productivity.

Targets for the Program

Enable the Learner. The Program will foster the creation of state-of-the-art instructional environments, both in and out of school. Technology, educational media, and materials will be used to enable students with disabilities to access knowledge, develop skills and problem-solving strategies, and to engage in educational experiences necessary for them to participate fully and successfully in our society.

Promote Effective Policy. The Program will promote supportive policy making at all levels in government, schools, and business. Such policies should ensure accessibility, availability, effective application, and consistent use of appropriate technology, media, and materials. The policies will recognize that these tools are essential to achieving better lifelong results for individuals with disabilities.

Improve Use Through Professional Development. The Program will encourage investigation of approaches and strategies for training and supporting teachers, administrators, parents, and related service personnel on the uses of instructional and assistive technologies. This broad group of consumers needs to know what is available and how it can best be used for individuals with disabilities. Acting on such knowledge, they can increase productive use of instructional time; prepare students with disabilities for employment and citizenship; and promote their intellectual, ethical, cultural, and physical growth.

Create Innovative Tools. The program will encourage and support development of varied and integrated technologies, media, and materials which open up and expand the lives of those with disabilities. This can be accomplished by individuals, corporations, or agencies dedicated to improving the educational, social, occupational, and cultural opportunities for all students. Their work should enable individuals with disabilities to achieve the results expected of all students--independence, self-determination, and a quality of life that is productive and personally satisfying.

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