A r c h i v e d  I n f o r m a t i o n

A Nation at Risk - April 1983

Appendix G: Acknowledgments

We want to express particular appreciation to the Commission staff which, under the leadership of Executive Director Milton Goldberg, assisted us in our work and helped prepare this report. The staff included:

Betty S. Baten
Stella Carol Foley
Peter H. Gerber
Jarnes Harvey
Arnetta D. LaGrone
Alisa M. Longworth
Mollie Shannahan MacAdarns
Penny S. McDonald
Shelia L. Sarn
Haroldie K. Spriggs
Tommy M. Tornlinson
Susan Traiman
Patricia A. Welch

Others who assisted us at various times throughout the course of our work include: Clifford Adelman, Ned Chalker, Cheryl Chase, Antoine M. Garibaldi, Charlesetta Griffin, Bruce Haslam, Carolyn Johnson, Sharon Jones, Lily A. Kliot, Andrew M. Lebby, Beverly Lindsay, Carolyn Lowe, Irene Lykes, Claude Mayberry, John M. Mays, Brad Mitchell, Jean Narayanan, Lewis Pike, John Ridgway, Joanne Saunders, Ramsay Selden, Gary Sykes, Marilyn A. Tapscott, and Douglas Wright. Also, the Commission owes a considerable debt to Editorial Experts, Inc. and Morgan Burchette Associates, both of Alexandria, Virginia, and in particular to Bruce Boston, Karen Burchette, Lee Mickle, and Ian McNett, for invaluable assistance in designing, editing, and producing this volume.

Finally, we sincerely appreciate the support and cooperation provided by Mary Jean LeTendre, Special Assistant to Secretary Bell; Donald J. Senese, Assistant Secretary, Office of Educational Research and Improvement; and Manuel J. Justiz, Director of the National Institute of Education.

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