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A Nation at Risk - April 1983

Appendix B: Schedule of the Commission's Public Events

In addition to these public events, the Commission members also attended a number of subcommittee meetings and worksessions over the course of 18 months.
Event: Full Commission Meeting
Dates: October 9-10, 1981
Place: Washington, D.C.

Event: Full Commission Meeting
Date: December 7, 1981
Place: Washington, D.C.

Event: Full Commission Meeting
Date: February 25, 1982
Place: Washington, D.C.

Event: Hearing--Science, Mathematics, and Technology Education
Date: March 11, 1982
Place: Stanford University, Stanford, California
Hosts: Donald Kennedy, President, Stanford University; and J. Myron Atkin, Dean, Graduate School of Education, Stanford University

Event: Hearing--Language and Literacy: Skills for Academic Learning
Date: April 16, 1982
Place: Houston Independent School District, Houston, Texas
Hosts: Raymon Bynum, Texas State Commissioner of Education; and Billy R. Reagan, General Superintendent, Houston Independent School District

Event: Panel Discussion--Performance Expectations in American Education
Date: April 30, 1982
Place: The University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Host: Thomas Erlich, Provost, The University of Pennsylvania

Event: Hearing--Teaching and Teacher Education
Date: May 12, 1982
Place: Gerogia State University, Atlanta, Georgia
Hosts: Alonzo Crim, Superintendent, Atlanta Public Schools; Sherman Day, Dean, School of Education, Georgia State University; and Barbara Hatton, Dean, School of Education, Atlanta University

Event: Full Commission Meeting
Date: May 25, 1982
Place: Washington, D.C.

Event: Hearing--College Admissions and the Transition to Postsecondary Education
Date: June 23, 1982
Place: Roosevelt University, Chicago, Illinois
Hosts: Rolf Weil, President, Roosevelt University; and John Corbally, President, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, Chicago

Event: Symposium--The Student's Role in Learning
Date: July 30, 1982
Place: San Diego State University, California
Hosts: Thomas Day, President, San Diego State University; and Richard Atkinson, Chancellor, University of California, San Diego

Event: Panel Discussion--College Curriculum: Shape, Influence, and Assessment
Date: August 27, 1982
Place: University of Rhode Island, Kingston, Rhode Island
Host: Frank Newman, President, University of Rhode Island

Event: Hearing--Education for a Productive Role in a Productive Society
Date: September 16, 1982
Place: St. Cajetan's Center, Denver, Colorado
Host: Robert Andringa, Executive Director, Education Commission of the States, Denver

Event: Full Commission Meeting
Dates: September 28-29, 1982
Place: New York, New York
Host: Robert Payton, President, Exxon Education Foundation, Exxon Corporation, New York, New York

Event: Hearing--Education for the Gifted and Talented
Date: October 15, 1982
Place: Harvard University, Cambridge Massachusetts
Hosts: Derek Bok, President, Harvard University; and Patricia Albjerg Graham, Dean, Harvard Graduate School of Education

Event: Full Commission Meeting
Dates: November 15-16, 1982
Place: Washington, D.C.

Event: Full Commission Meeting
Dates: January 21-22, 1983
Place: Washington, D.C.

Event: Full Commission Meeting
Dates: April 26, 1983
Place: Washington, D.C.

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