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Helping Your Students With Homework: A Guide for Teachers - February 1998


Thank you to the many people and organizations who contributed to the creation and production ofHelping Your Students With Homework: A Guide for Teachers.

The National Teacher of the Year Program provided names of state and national teachers of the year who contributed information and participated in extensive conversations. They include: Barbara Allen from Illinois, Cynthia Appold from New York, Kit Bennett from Idaho, George Beyer from Montana, Mary Beth Blegen from Minnesota, Ann Brock from Texas, Fie Budzinsky from Connecticut, Ronald Cormier from Louisiana, Patricia Cygan from Washington, Mary Elizabeth Dunn from Kentucky, Daniel Durbin from Indiana, Rosemary Faucette from Arkansas, Javier Gonzalez from California, Jo Ann S. Harman from West Virginia, Ray Hasart from Oregon, Thomas Howe from Wisconsin, Jean LaGrone from Nebraska, Paula Naegle from Nevada, Christy McNally from Kansas, Jill Olsen-Virlee from Iowa, Jacqueline Omland from South Dakota, Phyllis Orlicek from Arkansas, Catherine Pittman from Georgia, Cathy Priest from Ohio, Beth Reynolds from Missouri, Barbara Renoux from Alaska, Susan Rodriguez from Pennsylvania, Richard Ruffalo from New Jersey, David Williams from Florida, and Deborah Woelflein from New Hampshire.

Other teachers who contributed information include: Anne Bogardt from California, Ken Boucher from Maryland, Diane Coggins from Virginia, Eleanor Dasenbrook from Virginia, Linda Fosnaught from New Hampshire, Joyce Higginbotham from Washington, D.C., Andrea Myers from Virginia, and Carol Ward from Montana.

Other educators who reviewed drafts and contributed their expertise and experiences include: Laura Altamar, Annette Anderson, Joyce Epstein, Randy Hollister, Jan Jaffke, Sharon Jones, Bob McClure, Molly Merry, and Joan Snowden.

Within the U.S. Department of Education, a special thank you to Phil Carr, Maura Daly, Linda Darby, Blane Dessy, Gerald Devlin, Cynthia Dorfman, Terry Dozier, Lance Ferderer, Ollie Moles, Joan Trumble, and Barbara Vespucci.

Helping Your Students With Homeworkwas prepared under the direction of Sharon Bobbitt, Director of the Office of Educational Research and Improvement's Office of Reform Assistance and Dissemination (ORAD), and Ronald Cartwright, acting director of ORAD. A special thanks to the editor, Linda Darby, and the illustrator, Margaret Scott.

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