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Early Childhood: Where Learning Begins Geography--January 1999



Below are suggestions on where to go for free maps. You may have to go in person, or send a self--addressed stamped envelope in order to receive one. If you need help finding a telephone number or address, check at the reference section of your local public library.


Try these easy reading or picture books for your children. Your librarian can help you find other books related to geography.

Anderson, Lonzo. Day the Hurricane Happened. Story of what a family does when a hurricane rips through their island.

Anderson, Scorlar. A Puzzling Day in the Land of the Pharaohs. A classroom visits an exhibition called the Mysteries of Ancient Egypt.

Brenner, Barbara. Barto Takes the Subway. Barto lives in New York City. He and his sister take a trip on the subway.

Brenner, Barbara. Wagon Wheels. Three young black brothers follow a map to their father's homestead on the Western plains.

Brinckloe, Julie. Gordon Goes Camping. When Gordon decides to go camping, his friend Marvin tells him of all the things he will need for the trip.

Brown, Margaret Wise. Good Night Moon. A soothing bedtime story for very young children about the contents of a great green room.

Burningham, John. Seasons. A series of pictures that define the four seasons.

Burton, Virginia Lee. Little House. A country house is unhappy when the city with all its houses and traffic grows up around it.

Chonz, Selina. Bell for Ursli. A boy who lives in a tiny village in the mountains of Switzerland has an adventure when the spring festival comes.

Cooney, Barbara. Miss Rumphius. One woman's personal odyssey through life to fulfill her grandfather's wish that she make the world more beautiful.

Devlin, Wende and Harry. Cranberry Thanksgiving; Cranberry Christmas; Cranberry Mystery. A series of mystery--adventure tales set on the cranberry bog shore of Cape Cod.

Dobrin, Arnold. Josephine's Imagination: A Tale of Haiti. A story of a young girl and her adventures in the Haitian market.

English, Karen. Neeny Coming, Neeny Going. A story of life on Daufskie Island, one of South Carolina's Sea Islands.

Goennel, Heidi. What I Eat, What I See, Wear and Live. This series of cardboard books helps children learn that pictures represent real things.

Green, Norma B. Hole in the Dike. Retells the familiar story of the young Dutch boy whose resourcefulness, courage, and finger save his country from being destroyed by the sea.

Hoban, Tana. Over, Under and Through, and Other Spatial Concepts. A picture book on spatial concepts.

Kraus, Robert. Gondolier of Venice. The city of Venice is sinking into the sea, but Gregory, a proud gondolier, gets a clever and unusual idea to help the old city.

Lamont, Bette. Island Time. A parent and child board the ferry that takes them to their very special island on Puget Sound.

Lisowski, Gabriel. How Tevye Became a Milkman. A short tale, with illustrations of the Ukrainian countryside, based on the character also depicted in Fiddler on the Roof.

McCloskey, Robert. Blueberries for Sal. Make Way for Ducklings. One Morning in Maine. Favorites from an award winning children's book author. Each book describes a special journey and the difficulties in getting from one place to another.

Metaxas, Eric. The Monkey People. A Columbian folktale that takes place in a village in the Amazon.

Mizumura, Kazue. If I Built a Village. An idealistic picture of what a village, town, and city can be, ends with a small boy building with blocks.

Morrow, Suzanne Stark. Inatuk's Friend. A story of an Eskimo child who must move from one place to another.

Musgrove, Margaret. Ashanti to Zulu: African Traditions. Read and observe 26 African tribes from A to Z.

Peterson, Hans. Big Snowstorm. Illustrations and text picture events on a Swedish farm during a raging January blizzard.

Rockwell, Anne. Thruway. As a small boy rides along a thruway with his mother, he tells of all the things he sees.

Shortall, Leonard. Peter in Grand Central Station. Peter takes his first trip alone, but when he gets to New York, his uncle is not there to meet him.

Skorpen, Liesel Moak. We Were Tired of Living in a House. Four small children pack their bags and leave home to find a new and better house.

Slider, Debby. Animal Signs. A book of photos of animals with inset drawings showing the signing for each animal.

Spier, Peter. People. Explores the enormous diversity of the world's population. Looks at various cultures, homes, foods, games, clothing, faces, and religions.

Van Woerkom, Dorothy. Abu Ali: Three Tales of the Middle East. Abu Ali is fooled by his friends, tricks them in turn, and even fools himself in three humorous stories of trickery based on folklore of the Middle East.


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