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Early Childhood: Where Learning Begins Geography--January 1999

How Do We Adjust To Where We Live?

How do people adjust to their environment? How do people change the environment to better suit their needs? Geographers examine where people live, why they settled there, and how they use natural resources. For example, traveling Bushmen in Australia carry water in ostrich eggs because water is so scarce in their environment. In other places we turn up the heat or put on a sweater when it gets cold. All people change something about the way they live in order to adapt to their environment.

Throughout early childhood, children become increasingly aware of how people and the Earth interact. They know and experience how the weather and climate affect their daily lives. Toddlers are just beginning to understand the world in which they live. Parents often try to get them to understand what they need to do to adapt to their surroundings, like wear a jacket when it is cold, or take off their socks when it is hot outside. By ages 4 and 5, children are beginning to learn what they can do to adjust, and they are beginning to see how people change the Earth to their own benefit.

Ages 2-3

Ages 4-5

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