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What to Expect Your First Year of Teaching, September 1998

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Making the best use of this book

How the book is written

This book lets teachers speak for themselves whenever possible, because no one can match the clarity and veracity of their voices. However, each section includes narration summarizing and putting into context teachers' comments. The book also provides a section listing resources and offering a tips checklist for new teachers.

How the book is organized

Readers can, if they wish, go directly to the sections that interest them most. For example, a professor in a university education department might want to begin with the section that addresses teacher preparation. A rookie teacher might prefer to start with the section in which first-year teachers offer advice to their colleagues. And readers who want to read from start to finish will find that the sections are arranged in a coherent sequence.

A brief tour, start to finish

Teachers were asked to describe their most formidable challenges and then offer their advice for overcoming obstacles. Teachers then discussed how principals and administrators could help new educators and how colleges and universities could better prepare teachers for their first year on the job. Finally, teachers offered their thoughts about kids. The closing section of the book includes a bonus—a list of resources followed by tips for first-year teachers from their veteran colleagues.

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