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Family Involvement in Children's Education - October 1997

Appendix B: The Family Resource Center at Charter Oak School

Program/School, LEA, City, State

Program Description

Student Characteristics

Parent Involvement Activities/Strategies

Grades Served;


% Poverty1 and Title I Status

The Family Resource Center at Charter Oak School

West Hartford School District

West Hartford, CT


  • School-linked system of family support and services helps involve families in the educational process (e.g., services such as child care and community referrals help families to become involved in their children's education).

  • School showcased as a School of the 21st Century demonstration site for the Yale/Bush Center at Yale University.

  • An array of adult education classes is provided including ESL, with the mission of teaching parents the language skills they need to help children with schoolwork and homework.

  • Principal visits ESL classes to talk with parents.

  • Teachers visit the home of each entering kindergarten student to include families in children's educational experience from the start.

  • Parents and teachers run after-school programs, which range from computing to juggling.

    Funding Sources2:

    $242,000 Kellogg Foundation grant, $40,000 from the state department of education

    Evidence of Success:

  • Approximately 30–35 parents of school-age children visit the family resource center each week.

  • The school is evaluating the effects of center activities on student achievement; however, data will probably not be available for at least 2 years.

  • K–5


    52% white

    23% Hispanic

    16% African American

    10% Asian

    34% FRL (est.)

    1 All schools and districts included in this Idea Book receive Title I funding. This column indicates whether a school has implemented a schoolwide program.

    2 Administrators in many schools cannot separate the costs of parent involvement efforts from other reforms and activities. This is especially true in schools that have implemented schoolwide programs (as have most schools in this appendix). However, administrators reported that, in addition to their school or district general operating budget, the funding sources listed here provide a major source of support for their parent involvement efforts.

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