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Family Involvement in Children's Education - October 1997

Appendix B: Western Middle School

Program/School, LEA, City, State

Program Description

Student Characteristics

Parent Involvement Activities/Strategies

Grades Served;


% Poverty1 and Title I Status

Western Middle School

Jefferson County Public Schools

Louisville, KY


  • School provides two full-day parent-teacher conferences per year; each teaching team sends home letters, calls parents, and makes home visits to encourage parents to attend; additionally, walk-ins are accommodated and welcomed.

  • The Youth Service Center is staffed by a parent support coordinator and a home/school coordinator; center staff run all after-school programs and activities and refer students and parents to various community resources; approximately 90 percent of Western students visit the center each school year.

  • In the current school year, the Right Question Project provides school staff with training on how to structure their parent involvement activities and how to train parents to be better advocates for their children. In fall 1996, an average of two to three parents attended meetings, but the school expects an increase in attendance.

  • In 1996–97, the school council will include four voting parents and other community members to encourage participatory management (required by KERA).

    Funding Sources2:

  • Title I, Edna McConnell Clark Foundation grant, Kentucky Education Reform Act funding

    Evidence of Success:

  • From fall 1995 to spring 1996, the number of parent conferences conducted jumped from 90 to 280.

  • 6–8


    69% white

    30% African American

    1% Pacific Islanders

    86% FRL

    1 All schools and districts included in this Idea Book receive Title I funding. This column indicates whether a school has implemented a schoolwide program.

    2 Administrators in many schools cannot separate the costs of parent involvement efforts from other reforms and activities. This is especially true in schools that have implemented schoolwide programs (as have most schools in this appendix). However, administrators reported that, in addition to their school or district general operating budget, the funding sources listed here provide a major source of support for their parent involvement efforts.

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