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Family Involvement in Children's Education - October 1997

Appendix B: Clinton Kelly Elementary School

Program/School, LEA, City, State

Program Description

Student Characteristics

Parent Involvement Activities/Strategies

Grades Served;


% Poverty1 and Title I Status

Clinton Kelly Elementary School

Portland Public Schools

Portland, OR

(Small city)

  • In the Family Stories Project, parents and children write and illustrate family histories, which are worked into curriculum; child care is provided for preschool-aged children of participants.

  • Parents and teachers meet to discuss topics of interest one morning per month.

  • Parents took an active role in the decision to implement Boyer's Basic School program.

  • Parents participate in Dorothy Rich's Mega-Skills Project; parents teach other parents how to improve their children's learning skills.

    Funding Sources2:

  • Title I

    Evidence of Success:

  • Participation in the Family Stories Project rose from 10 in 1994, its first year, to approximately 35 currently.

  • Participation in monthly discussions rose from five in 1993–94 to 25 currently.

  • Twenty participated in first year of Mega-Skills project.

  • K–5


    74% white

    16% Russian

    6% Hispanic

    4% Asian

    68% FRL

    Schoolwide Program

    1 All schools and districts included in this Idea Book receive Title I funding. This column indicates whether a school has implemented a schoolwide program.

    2 Administrators in many schools cannot separate the costs of parent involvement efforts from other reforms and activities. This is especially true in schools that have implemented schoolwide programs (as have most schools in this appendix). However, administrators reported that, in addition to their school or district general operating budget, the funding sources listed here provide a major source of support for their parent involvement efforts.

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