Extending Learning Time for Disadvantaged Students - Volume 2 Profiles of Promising Practices 1995

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In planning this idea book we benefitted enormously from the help of teachers, principals, state education agency staff, foundation staff, and technical assistance providers who willingly answered our questions, shared their insights, and directed us to outstanding schools and programs. We extend our thanks to all those who gave us such valuable input in the early stages of this project.

We extend special appreciation to the teachers, principals, other staff members, and friends of the programs profiled in both volumes of this idea book, who gave so generously of their time to help us compile detailed and accurate accounts. Without their willingness to teach us about their programs, and their patience as we returned with additional questions, this idea book would not have been possible. Although we were unable to include profiles of all the programs that we contacted as we developed this idea book, all the teachers and principals whom we interviewed contributed to our understanding of the possibilities for extending learning time for disadvantaged students.

These volumes were reviewed by Mrs. E. Louise White and her colleagues on the District of Columbia Title I School Support Team. We appreciate their careful reading of these volumes and their thoughtful suggestions. Finally, our thanks to Daphne Hardcastle of the U.S. Department of Education and to Elizabeth Reisner of Policy Studies Associates for their support and advice throughout all stages of the project.

Janie Funkhouser
Leila Fiester
Eileen O'Brien
Lisa Weiner

Policy Studies Associates, Inc. Washington, DC

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