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Early Childhood: Where Learning Begins - Mathematics - June 1999


First and foremost, the authors wish to acknowledge Naomi Karp and the staff of the National Institute on Early Childhood Development and Education at the U.S. Department of Education for giving them the opportunity to create something special for young children. They would like to acknowledge the U.S. Department of Education focus group members: Staci Boykin, Joe Caliguro, Nancy Paulu, Kim Silverman, and Tom Snyder; and focus group participants from the National Head Start Association, Gwen Freeman, Joyce Rawlings and parents Elsadig Elsayed, Katrina Morris, and Rachel Palmer. Thanks to our consultants Doug Clements and Ray Hannapel; to our reviewers Daniel Burch, Pat Campbell, Dick Clifford, Herbert Ginsburg, Kathleen Hoffman, Maggie Holmes, Diane Horm-Wingerd, Marilou Hyson, Alice Kline, Mary LeDonne, Prentice Starkey, Les Steffe, Tim Stevens, Chuck Thompson, Paul Trafton, Mildred Winter; and the U.S. Department of Education's Melissa Chabran, Tracy Rimdzius, Diane Magarity, and Phil Carr.

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