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A Compact for Reading Guide - February 1999
Adobe Acrobat Reader

Downloading Acrobat Reader

A. Follow this link to Adobe's Acrobat Reader page
(http://www.ed.gov/help/reqs/download/viewers.html#pdf). A new browser window will open.

B. In the middle of the new browser window, there is a yellow section with the numbers 1, 2, and 3. Each number designates a step in selecting the correct version of the software package appropriate to download for your computer.

Step 1
Here you will see what are called "drop-down boxes." These boxes are used by positioning your mouse over the box, clicking and then holding down the mouse button. Move the mouse up or down to highlight a line of text. Releasing the mouse button will select the highlighted line as your choice. That choice will appear in the boxes window.

Language, the first box, already indicates English as the choice. You may choose a different language, such as Spanish. Otherwise, position your mouse over the second box and hold down the mouse button.

Platform is the name of this box. Here you must designate the type of operating system on your computer.

If your computer has: Select:
Windows 95, 97, 98 Win 95
Windows NT Win NT
Windows 3.1 Win 3.1
Macintosh Mac_.bin
Power Mac, iMac, G3 Mac_.hqx

Location is the last drop-down box. If you are in the United States, you do not have to change anything.

After this drop-down box you will see a white box for an option to search pdf files. Placing your mouse over the white box and clicking once will select this option.

Step 2
In this section, Adobe is conducting a customer survey. We suggest selecting the first or second choice by placing your mouse over the white circle and clicking once. You only need to make one choice.

Afterwards, they ask for your email address. Although this software is free, they need an email address for registration purposes. Place your mouse over the long white box, click once and then type in your full email address.

Step 3
Unless you have special circumstances, you will not have to do anything except to click the white area with the word "Download" in it.

C. Now the appropriate software package will automatically be downloaded as file(s) onto your computer.

Your browser will change to a new screen with the line: " Thank you! You are downloading Acrobat Reader now". Follow the link on Installation Instructions to get further instructions on installing this software to your computer. Print out this page so that you have this reference. Then you will have to quit any applications you have open, including your browser, and follow the installation instructions. Once you begin to install the software, additional instructions will appear on your monitor's screen.


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