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School-Home Links Reading Kit - February 1999

A Word to Families and Tutors About the Use of the School-Home Links Activities

Research tells us that when a family works with their child on schoolwork and becomes involved in their child's learning, their child is more likely to succeed academically. Whether you are a family member or a learning partner/tutor, supporting your child in his or her schoolwork can make a real difference!

The School-Home Links activities provided in this kit are keyed directly to reading activities that teachers typically do with children in school. These School-Home Links provide your family with an extra opportunity for learning at home.

The School-Home Links are intended to be family activities. Your child will need your support in completing these activities.

Remember that every child learns at his or her own speed, and most children learn within three-year developmental periods. Some children acquire the skills of a developmental period early; others will take longer and may need to work harder. This means your child may find the School-Home Links very easy, or on grade, or difficult, depending upon your child's rate of growth. Wherever your child is, when you work with your child daily on the School-Home Links and similar reading activities, you can help your child grow steadily in reading and improve important skills.

Here are some tips for working on the School-Home Links activities:

Enjoy! The time you spend helping your child read and write is a gift for a lifetime! Literacy is the foundation for all other knowledge!

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