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A Compact for Reading - February 1999
Appendix E:  Partnership for Family Involvement in Education

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"Better Education Is Everybody's Business"

-- U.S. Secretary of Education Richard W. Riley
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The Partnership's Mission

  • To use family-school-community partnerships to strengthen schools and improve student achievement.

  • To increase opportunities for families to be more involved in their children's learning at school and at home.

Our Partners

Thousands of partners pledge their support for student learning to high standards through this growing grassroots movement. Partners belong to one of four groups: Family-School Partners, Employers for Learning, Community Organizations, or Religious Groups.

Together, partners support efforts to:

The benefits of joining include:

Activities of the Partnership

In addition to the numerous local activities in which Partnership members are involved, many participate in nationwide activities such as the following:

    As part of the America Reads Challenge, this activity focuses on reading during the summer months. Participating children read and write for thirty minutes every day, and teenagers and adults share a love of reading as reading partners to young children.

  • America Goes Back to School.
    During the months of August through October, join Americans across the country as they go back to school to share their talents and experiences. Make a year-long commitment, starting in the fall, to help improve education and to help students learn.

  • Think College Early.
    Help increase awareness and support for middle and high school students to take the courses needed to enter college and to be prepared financially.

  • Priority on After-School Extended Learning.
    This initiative places new emphasis on the importance of providing before- and after-school activities that extend learning for children in a safe, drug-free environment.

  • TO JOIN Call 1-800-USA-LEARN for more information
    Or complete a membership form on-line.

    Visit the Web site at http://pfie.ed.gov

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