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A Compact for Reading - February 1999
Write Your Compact

Activity Sheet C: How Administrators Can Improve Children's Reading Achievement

Look at the following sample list of commitments that administrators can make to form a strong Compact for Reading. Rank in order of importance each of the following commitments that you want to add to your Compact for Reading. You may add new commitments to this sample list as desired.

Student Learning
Capacity Building
Set high standards in reading and other language arts.
Report publicly on the school-wide reading scores. Help teachers and parents understand how adopting high standards can lead to the improvement of scores.
Allocate adequate resources to ensure that high standards can be met.

Hold workshops on the standards in reading--what they are, what they mean by grade, and how to set the standards into practice at school and at home.
Provide activities in reading that can be done at home or after school to support schoolwork in reading.
Communicate with teachers and parents about the role of extended-learning activities in improving children's and school achievement records.
Work with teachers to use these activities with families, and encourage families to use these activities at home.
Provide special benefits to teachers that meet with families and tutors in extended learning programs for children.
Communicate the school's commitment to extending learning time for students needing special help in reading.
Train tutors and families to work with children on home activities, like the School-Home Links.
Start or expand after school, weekend, and summer reading programs for students who need or who want to expand their skills.
Build community partnerships with libraries, literacy and cultural groups, colleges and universities, senior citizens, and state and local government to help provide quality after school, weekend and summer efforts.
Seek out and provide staff development opportunities to link reading teachers with after school staff and tutors.

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