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CPRE Policy Brief: Helping Teachers Teach Well: Transforming Professional Development - June 1995

Recent Reports and Related Publications

The Outlook for School Revenue in the Next Five Years
Steven D. Gold, May 1995 (RR-034), 28 pp., $10.00

This paper examines the outlook for school finance over the next five years. The environment for increases in real school revenue per pupil in the rest of the 1990s will not be favorable. The most significant problem is likely to be reductions in federal aid to states. States will respond to decreases in federal aid for social and health programs by trimming increases in state education aid. Other negative factors will be continued strong competition for state tax dollars from corrections and health programs and conservative state tax policy. A dynamic economy will benefit schools in selected states, but the overall rate of economic growth is likely to be moderate at best. Although some states will shift reliance away from property taxes, most states will not do so.

Ruling Out Rules: The Evolution of Deregulation in State Education Policy
Susan H. Fuhrman and Richard F. Elmore
March 1995 (RR-033), 34 pp., $10.00

This paper examines the evolution of deregulation from limited waiver programs to charter programs and new performance-based accountability systems that include broad-scale deregulation. Early deregulation programs were so limited in design that they had very modest results, but policymakers are finding expanded efforts very difficult to achieve. Many of the same political forces and habits of practice that limited early efforts continue to pose barriers to deregulation. Underlying the barriers is an historic, continuing uncertainty about the state role and about how states should relate to districts of varying types.

Teachers' Professional Development and Education Reform
CPRE Policy Briefs (No. RB-11-10/93)

This brief addresses the problem of "fit" between current state and local reforms and prevailing approaches to professional development. The first section summarizes the major themes of reform; the second focuses on the policy dilemma these reforms present for professional development; the third describes emerging alternatives to traditional professional development; and the final section suggests principles to guide the design of professional development opportunities.

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