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Biennial Evaluation Report - FY 93-94

Chapter 316

Grants for Parent Training

(CFDA No. 84.029)

I. Program Profile

Legislation: Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), P.L. 101-476, as amended, Part D, Section 631(e), (20 U.S.C. 1431(d) (expires September 30, 1995).

Purposes: To provide training and information to parents of children with disabilities and persons who work with parents to enable them to participate more effectively with professionals in meeting the educational and early intervention needs of children with disabilities.

Grants are awarded to private, nonprofit organizations that are governed by a board of directors of whom a majority are parents of children with disabilities, or have members who represent the interests of individuals with disabilities and which establish a governing committee of whom a majority of members are parents of children with disabilities.

Funding History

Fiscal Year Appropriation
1991 $9,758,873
1992 12,000,000
1993 12,400,000
1994 12,735,000

II. Program Information and Analysis

Performance Indicators

All grantees are required to submit an annual report that includes:

A. the number of parents served by disability category of their children,
B. the types and modes of training provided;
C. strategies used to reach parents of minority children and numbers served,
D. activities to network with other organizations; and
E. the number of parents served who have children with disabilities ages 0 through 5.

Population Targeting

Grants are targeted to parents of children in both urban and rural areas or on a State or regional basis. In addition, grants must serve parents of minority children representative of the proportion of the minority population in the areas being served.


In FY 1993, funds under this authority were used for the following activities:

Program Administration

Grants are monitored by program staff to ensure that they are meeting their goals and making significant progress.

Management Improvement Strategies

Changes are being considered to increase the involvement of and services to parents of minority children with disabilities. This will include an increase in experimental centers focused on the needs of minority parents in urban and rural settings.

III. Sources of Inforamtion

  1. Program files.

IV. Planned Studies


V. Contacts for Further Information

Program Operations:
Jack Tringo (202) 205-9032

Program Studies:
Ann Nawaz (202) 401-3630.

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