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Biennial Evaluation Report - FY 93-94

Chapter 307

Program for Children with Severe Disabilities

(CFDA No. 84.086)

I. Program Profile

Legislation: Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), Part C, Section 624 (20 U.S.C. 1424) (expires September 30, 1995).

Purpose: To improve early intervention, special education, related services and integration for children with severe disabilities by supporting research, development, demonstration, training, dissemination and Statewide systems change activities that address their needs.

Funding History

Fiscal Year Appropriation Fiscal Year Appropriation
1974 $2,247,000 1987 5,300,000
1975 2,826,000 1988 5,361,000
1980 5,000,000 1989 5,297,000
1981 4,375,000 1990 5,819,000
1982 2,880,000 1991 7,869,000
1983 2,880,000 1992 8,000,000
1984 4,000,000 1993 9,330,000
1985 4,300,000 1994 9,330,000
1986 $4,785,000

II. Program Information and Analysis

Population Targeting

The targeted population is children with severe disabilities.


In FY 1993, 16 new demonstration projects were awarded to serve children with severe disabilities; 26 continuation projects were also supported.

Awards made in FY 1993 included grants and cooperative agreements to support activities and services in the following general categories: State-wide Systems Change (two new cooperative agreements and 12 continuation cooperative agreements); Outreach: Serving Children with Severe Disabilities in Integrated Environments (three new grants and seven continuation grants including two forward-funded in prior year); Model Inservice Training Projects (four new grants and three continuation grants); Developing Innovations for Educating Children with Severe Disabilities Full-time in General Education Settings (three new grants, including two forward-funded for next year, and five continuation grants); and Social Relationships Research Institute for Children and Youth with Severe Disabilities (one continuation cooperative agreement).

These projects provide a variety of services including inservice training to teachers, related service personnel and administrators, local education agencies, and State education agencies; and testing of solutions to specific problems in the delivery of special education and related services to students with severe disabilities.

Almost half ($4,413,000) of FY 1993 funding supported projects which promote State-wide systems change. These projects, in conjunction with IDEA, Part B State's plan, include activities to improve the quality of special education and related services in the State for children and youth with severe disabilities (including children with deaf-blindness), and to change the delivery of these services from segregated to integrated environments. The projects must identify resources available in the State and must establish services needed to improve services in regular education settings.

Program Administration

Program efforts in FY 1993 continued to focus on improving the capacity of State education systems to serve children with severe disabilities in less restrictive environments and on improving interventions in these environments. Program strategies continued to include priorities which support research activities, validated practices, demonstrations based on research methodology, use of effective educational practices, and dissemination of best practices.

State-wide Systems Change grantees are required to evaluate the effectiveness of their activities, including their effectiveness in increasing the number of children in regular school settings alongside their same-aged non-disabled peers. They must also evaluate and disseminate information about the project's outcomes.

Management Improvement Strategies

Programs continued to pursue management improvement strategies in FY 1993, including:

III. Sources of Information

  1. Fourteenth Annual Report to Congress on Implementation of the IDEA (Washington, DC: U.S. Department of Education, 1993).

  2. Evaluation of the IDEA Discretionary Programs Goal Evaluation: Final Field Activities Report: Program for Children with Severe Disabilities (Washington, DC: COSMOS Corporation, July 1993).

  3. The Second National Symposium on Effective Communication for Children and Youth With Severe Disabilities: Topic Papers, Reader's Guide and Videotape (McLean, VA: Interstate Research Associates, May 1993).

  4. Program files.

IV. Planned Studies


V. Contacts for Further Information

Program Operations:
Charles Freeman, (202) 205-8165

Program Studies:
Lenore Garcia, (202) 401-3630

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