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Biennial Evaluation Report - FY 93-94

Chapter 124

Christa McAuliffe Fellowship Program

(CFDA No. 84.190)


Legislation: The Higher Education Acto of 1965, as amended, Title V, Part C, Subpart 2 (20 U.S.C. 1105a-1105i) (expires September 30, 1997).

Purpose: The Christa McAuliffe Fellowship Program provides annual fellowships to outstanding public and private elementary and secondary school teachers to continue their education, develop innovative programs, consult with or assist school districts or private school systems, or engage in other educational activities that will improve their knowledge and skills and the education of their students.

Christa McAuliffe Fellows may use awards for (1) sabbaticals for study or research associated with the objectives of the program or academic improvement, (2) consultation and assistance to local school systems, private schools, or private school systems, (3) development of special innovative programs, (4) projects or partnerships between schools and the business community, (5) programs that utilize new technologies to help students learn, and (6) expanding or replicating model programs of staff development. Recipients are required to return to a teaching position in their current school system for at least 2 years following the completion of their fellowships.

Program funds were authorized on a formula, rather than discretionary, basis beginning in FY 1993 and are now State-administered. Eligible public and private school teachers, with eight or more years of teaching experience, apply to their State education agency (SEA) rather than the Department of Education (ED).

Funding History

Fiscal Year Appropriation
1987 $2,000,000
1988 1,915,000
1989 1,892,000
1990 1,932,000
1991 1,954,000
1992 2,000,000
1993 1,964,000
1994 1,964,000

II. Program Information and Analysis

Population Targeting

Teachers eligible for fellowship awards must teach full-time in a public elementary or secondary school, and have been employed as a teacher for eight or more years. In FY 1992, 66 fellowships were awarded to public and private school teachers for a total of 523 awards since 1987.


Since 1987, fellowships have been awarded for projects in many disciplines. About one-half of all fellowships have been awarded for projects in math and science that include hands-on activities and staff development. Indeed, among their numerous national and state-level awards, 38 Fellows have received the Presidential Award for Math and Science Teaching.

About 20 percent of the awards have been made for research sabbaticals, program development, and teacher training. The remaining fellowships focus on language arts and other educational projects. Examples of these projects, many of which have been expanded beyond the Fellows' home schools, include:

The range of awards to States, for FY 1993, is $13,477 to $123,942--with an average of $35,074. Individual fellowship awards have ranged from $13,055 to $43,808.

III. Sources of Information

  1. Program Files.
  2. Program Abstracts, 1989 - 1992.

IV. Planned Studies

An evaluation is planned in FY 1995.

V. Contact for Further Information

Program Operations:
Daniel Bonner, (202) 260-2517

Program Studies:
Joanne Bogart, (202) 401-1958

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